Tested acne scar treatment

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Research attributes the formation of acne to various factors like increased sebum production, the proliferation of epithelial cells and propionibacterium. Formation of acne naturally induces the wound healing activity. Wound healing process stimulates the release of connective tissue factors such as collagen and keratinocytes. This action releases enzymes like matrix metalloproteinase (MMPs) and extracellular matrix (ECM). Extracellular matrix is composed of molecules that give structural support and biochemical support to collagen and keratinocytes. MMPs degrade ECM molecules hence skin cells lack enough connective tissues leading to the formation of scars.


Scars lighten with time, but they don’t disappear unless treated. Tested acne scar treatment like Acnezine has proved its efficacy in perfecting the skin by eliminating scars. It is able to do this through its potent two step formulation consisting of a topical cream and daily supplements. The treatment aims at the root of the problem and addresses the condition both internally and externally. The efficacy of Acnezine in scar treatment is contributed by its ability to:

Cure acne

The first step in preventing acne scars is through proper treatment of acne. If the inflammation period in acne formation is shortened, preventing post-acne scars is possible. Acnezine has ingredients like bilberry extract and witch hazel which possess strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Peel the damaged skin layer and speed up repair process

Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient in this treatment that peels of the damaged skin and promotes formation of fresh skin. It also spreads out basal layer melanin concentrated on the acne scar and lightens that area. Benzoyl peroxide stops the formation of scars by inhibiting the action of propionibacterium, an acne causing agent.

Prevent further oxidation of sebum a leading factor in the formation of atrophic scars

Have you ever noticed black head formation after acne break out? Melanin is wrongly blamed for this. Oxidative stress on sebum and sebaceous glands causes the development of black heads. The daily supplement provided in acne fights oxidative stress via its anti-oxidant properties.

You don’t need to wait till scars form after an acne break out. Treat the acne first using Acnezine and prolong the treatment to curb scar formation process.