Over the counter nail treatment 

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Statistics show that fungal infections affect 3% to 5% of the general population. It is responsible for causing 50% nail conditions. An observational study carried out showed that people who used oral antifungal showed an improvement in their nail infection that those who used topical treatment only. However, they experienced adverse side effects such as gastrointestinal complaints, rash as well as respiratory complaints. Dealing with such side effects with no guarantees that you will get totally cured is disheartening. Is there a treatment therefore that assures permanent cure with no side effects?

Zeta Clear

Over the counter ZetaClear nail treatment is certainly the solution to your nail fungus infection. Unlike other anti-fungals, ZetaClear uses an FDA approved natural fungicide that kills fungi instantly. It has caprylic acid a fatty acid with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Nail infections are often itchy and contacting that area with bear fingers may spread infection to another place just by a simple touch. ZetaClear package comes with an applicator brush allowing you to apply the treatment without touching the infected area.

Nail fungus can be difficult to treat especially if it is embedded deep into the nail layers and if the nail matrix is infected too. For this reason, ZetaClear presents a two-step treatment program in form of a topical solution and oral spray. The oral spray work by infiltrating the bloodstream and the nail matrix kill all microbes present. The components that make this product an effective over the counter nail treatment include:

  • Anti-bacterial extracts

They include undecylenic acid, clove oil and tea tree oil. Over the years, these extracts have proved their efficacy in killing microbes when used on their own. Their combination improves this efficacy greatly.

  • Anti-septic extract

It includes lemongrass oil possesses antiseptic properties that make fungal reinfection impossible.

  • Anti-oxidants

It is almost impossible to avoid oxidative stress with fungal infection. That is why we have discoloration and brittleness of the nails. Vitamin E oil is the antioxidant present in this product promoting healing and growth of new nails.

  • Anti-inflammatory extract

Almond oil and jojoba oil fight inflammation associated with this nail condition. It soothes the infected area and minimizes itchiness.

A product with possessing these four properties is no doubt the best over the counter nail treatment. Grab ZetaClear nail treatment today and say goodbye to brittle, discolored and painful nails.