Eyelash enhancement techniques vs. eyelash growth serum 

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Did you know that your upper eyelashes are arranged in two to three rows with lashes totaling up to 150 per eye? Eyelashes are classified as terminal hairs due to their length and dark pigmentation. Research conducted on their growth cycle indicate that by the time hair follicles enter the telogen phase, majority of their keratinocytes have already undergone massive apoptosis in the catagen phase. Thus they remain short in length even after returning to the anagen phase.

Idol Lash

Eyelash enhancement techniques and eyelash growth serums have been developed to lengthen eyelashes. Which among these two bears permanent and more aesthetic results?


  • Eyelash enhancement techniques


Mascara application is among the enhancement techniques which darkens and lengthens eyelashes temporarily. These products contain preservatives which are prone to contamination risking the eye to irritation, and other infections. Artificial eyelashes glued to the eyelids enhance appearance as well but cause allergic reactions to some people. The final method is transplantation whereby scalp follicles are transferred to the eyelids. They tend to grow longer because scalp follicles have longer anagen phases. Therefore they require constant trimming which may risk the eye to bleeding, pain, and sometimes blindness.


  • Eyelash growth serums


One of the best eyelash serums in the market is Idol Lash which has enhanced the appearance of eyelashes without side effects. As mentioned above, after apoptosis takes place in the catagen phase, eyelashes length remains the same even after follicles return to the anagen phase. The science behind Idol Lash is stimulating hair growth naturally in the anagen phase before follicles enter the catagen and telogen phases. This attains the desired length, thickness and pigmentation. Kelp, chamomile and honey are some of the ingredients in Idol Lash. They are known for their ability to enhance hair growth while suppressing factors that cause hair loss such as hormones and microbes.

Final Verdict

Eyelash growth serums are the best eyelash enhancers. They give permanent growth results with no side effects as those seen in eyelash enhancement techniques. However, if eyelash growth is enhanced in the anagen phase, they will grow longer and darker.