DIY breast lift without surgery

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A study conducted on the psychological effects of breast augmentation showed that 86% of women who underwent the procedure reported a decrease in self-consciousness. 88% reported an increase in self-confidence and 95% of them spoke of feeling good about themselves. These statistics were derived from surgical breast augmentation done on 112 women. This number suggests that many women want a boob lift but few are willing to face the knife.

Breast Actives

What if I told you that there is a DIY (Do it yourself) breast lift without surgery through the Breast Actives three step enhancement program? This product is formulated to work within the body’s growth and development process. It consists of a cream and daily supplements which enhance factors associated with breast tissue growth. The package also comes with exercise instructions leaflet to work out the bust area for more firm and fuller breast. The beauty of this product is that you do it yourself. The inventors of this product considered the fact that not everyone is comfortable undressing the upper body for a doctor/surgeon to perform an augmentation procedure.

The cream consists of Pueraria Mirifica and Red Clover extracts which replicate estrogen effects and improve the growth of breast tissues. What you need to do is to massage a small amount of this cream firmly into the breasts with your fingertips. Below is a list of compounds that make Breast Actives the best DIY breast lift option:


The product contains 400gms of fenugreek rich in phyto-estrogens. Phyto-estrogens are estrogens derived from plants. The hormone stimulates breast tissue growth. Too much estrogen could be cancerous that is why the phyto-estrogen content in this product is the required amount.


Fennel extract provides phyto-nutrients in this breast lift product. Not only does it boost breast tissue growth, but it also acts as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory enhancing the health of the breast as it grows.

It contains compounds that balance hormones

Being small breasted may be caused by low estrogen content in the body. Dong Quai and watercress are ingredients in the product that work by balancing hormones and improving the activity of glands. These compounds ensure that estrogen is at the level that is needed for breast growth.