Daily use of under eye cream makes look younger

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Dark circles are among the things that give people a wrong perception about your appearance. They are attributed to aging, fatigue and sometimes sadness. They make you so self-conscious such that you are willing to pay a lot of money for eyelid invasive deep procedures. Guess what, you no longer need fat transfer, surgery or surgical implants to restore youthfulness in the area surrounding the eye. What you need is Revitol Eye Cream whose daily use will bring back your energy and self-esteem without side effects. The reputation of Revitol is supported by the following facts about its formula:

  • Peptides

Captex 8000 is a powerful peptide contained in this cream. Research conducted on the function of peptide show that they work within the extracellular molecules to stimulate the formation of collagen. At times the action of metalloproteinase enzyme degrades connective tissues in the skin. The skin under the eye is vulnerable because of its thinness. Peptides inhibit the action of these enzymes maintaining and promoting skin elasticity in this area.

  • Lipids

Capric triglyceride is the active lipid contained in the formulation of Revitol Eye Cream. Lipids naturally act as a skin barrier. It holds skin cells together including collagen. In the process, moisture is trapped as well. The thinner the skin, the more permeable it gets. Therefore important factors that maintain the health of the skin like moisture easily escape to the air. This promotes a saggy skin. Lipids therefore play a role in maintaining turgidity of the skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid stimulates the formation of epithelial cells and subcutaneous tissues in the lower eyelid skin. Insufficient skin and subcutaneous cells in this region contribute to the loss of elasticity and turgor in this area. Once this happens, the skin attaches to the purplish muscle beneath it hence the formation of pigmented dark circles. This means that if more epithelial cells are formed in this region then pigmentation would significantly reduce. This is what hyaluronic acid does.


The beauty of Revitol Eye Cream formulation is its ability to address dark circles and eye puffiness from the root of the problem. Using this cream daily guarantees a younger look 100%.