Best results with breast enlargement cream

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The stage of adolescence is characterized with hormonal changes that could make or destroy a woman’s self-esteem. Studies reveal that the mammary stem cells are active during this stage and their proliferation lead to the enlargement of the mammary glands forming breasts; organs that determine a woman’s perception about her femininity. These glands remain inactive after puberty and become active again at pregnancy a phase characterized by hormonal changes. This means that after puberty, there is no chance of increasing breast size unless you get pregnant.


Luckily for those of us who aren’t pregnant have a chance to enlarge our bust with breast enlargement cream. Brestrogen cream for instance works within the development and growth processes of the breast tissue to attain a permanent desired size. Some of the active ingredients in this product include:


Pueraria mirifica contains 17 different types of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are estrogens derived from plants and they have a low affinity to the docking sites of estrogen hormones n the body. They therefore work by mimicking the action of estrogen. An increase of estrogen levels in the body leads to proliferation of the mammary stem cells hence increasing breast size.

Other isoflavones include in pueraria mirifica include miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, and coumestrol.

It has anti-aging constituents

The major tissues of the breasts are the adipose tissues. A decrease in fats is a major contribution to wrinkled and saggy breasts. These constituents stimulate the production and storage of adipose tissues in the breasts thereby firming breasts and giving a fuller bust appearance.

It has anti-oxidants

Where development and growth of cells is stimulated, oxidative stress is heightened by the free radicals. Vitamin E is an oxidant present in Brestrogen that safeguards cells from oxidative stress and premature aging.

Get your body confidence today through Brestrogen breast enlargement cream.